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Edmond Dentist: Crowns

Edmond Dentist explains crowns?

If you have a weak tooth, broken tooth, or extremely discolored tooth you and your dentist may decide to have a crown placed over those teeth. Crowns can be placed for a functional or cosmetic reason, though most people will only elect to have a crown placed if they’re already in a great deal of pain. There are many different kinds of materials that crowns can be fashioned from, ceramic, porcelain, resin, and stainless steel have all be used. At your Edmond Dentist, we use high-quality ceramic to craft the most effective and good looking crown for your mouth. We use a chart of varying colors in order to make the ceramic tooth match their neighbors.

The process of the crown procedure at Wallace Family Dental

While many dentist sub-contract out the production of their crowns to facilities that can be out of state, we make our crowns in-house. Our desire for quality and efficiency has led us to create an effective process that gets most patients in an out in a single visit. The process usually starts by identifying the teeth needing crowns, once the teeth have been selected your Edmond Dentist will create a kind of pedestal for the tooth to sit on out of the tooth that’s already there. Once the 3d scans of the tooth have been done the measurements are sent to a CNC machine that we have on site, this machine carves the tooth to the proper shape and dimensions. Cut and shaped, the tooth is then painted with the proper color to match the rest of the patient’s mouth, then inserted and cemented in place. Your Edmond Dentist will polish and round the rough edges of the tooth off to ensure it sits comfortably in your mouth. Once we finish checking the crown is seat properly and fit nicely into place the patient is free to go! If you would like to watch this procedure please click the link below.