Edmond Dentist: Taking Care of Your Braces

Edmond Dentist with Four Tips to Caring for Your Braces

Getting braces is a procedure to help reposition a patient’s teeth. The procedure straightens crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. But getting braces means a patient can’t slack on their dental hygiene, here are your Edmond Dentist’s tips for caring for your braces.

Brush with Care

You braces are a structure attached to your teeth, there are spots within the braces and between the braces and your teeth that can trap food. Us a soft bristled brush to make sure you’re brush is getting in between these spaces. You want to remove the debris from the teeth, brackets, and the wires.

Get in Between the Brackets

Purchasing an interdental brush to clean in between the metal and your teeth. These interdental brushes are often inexpensive and can still be used once your braces are removed.

Flossing is still important

You Edmond Dentist will always recommend flossing. Flossing every day is important with or without braces. If you experience issues attempting to floss under the wires you can use a floss threader. You can also purchase specialty floss made for patients who wear braces.

Keep your appointments

The whole point of braces is to, over time, correct teeth that have been misaligned. Maintaining a regular orthodontist schedule will mean that you meet the goal of having braces as soon as possible. The sooner your teeth are where you want them the sooner a patient can have the braces removed!

Dentist in Edmond: We want you to succeed

Sometimes patients can lose sight of the fact that we want you to have your best smile possible. Most dentists would be happy to put themselves out of business by ensuring that everyone has healthy teeth. We always want our patient to be informed and happy with the service that they receive. If you would like to leave a review of our services you Dentist in Edmond is always looking for feedback, leave us a review here.