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Edmond Dentist: Teeth Cleanings aren’t just for people

Edmond Dentist: It’s important to get your teeth cleaned, but what about your pet?

Coming in for a dental exam at your Edmond Dentist means that you’re going to receive top-notch care. Getting your teeth cleaned, examined, and receiving an oral cancer screening or x-ray is how we take care of our patients. But coming in for a dental exam and cleaning isn’t just for people, your pets might need a dental exam or cleaning as well. When you go to the vet they’ll check your pet’s teeth, but sometimes your pet needs to have their teeth cleaned to get rid of bad breath or prevent the advancement of a disease. Today your Edmond Dentist wants to talk about the process of getting your dog to the vet for a dental check-up.

Not just for people

Getting a professional cleaning for a dog is sometimes called a “dental prophylaxis” when it’s done in the case of a mild disease, this is because it’s a preventative procedure. When the disease is advanced enough in the case of periodontal disease the Vet’s office will opt to perform a more thorough dental cleaning. In many vet’s offices, this is simply nicknamed a “dental.” A dog’s visit to the vet for a dental cleaning is very much like your own. A professional cleaning of your dog’s teeth involves a comprehensive scaling of the teeth, taking a look at the health of the gums, teeth, and mouth, and lastly polishing the teeth. Unlike a person a dog won’t let someone poke around in their mouth, for this reason, dental cleanings for a dog involve general Anesthesia. As part of the dental cleaning, the Vet’s office will get your dog cleared for the anesthesia. Your Edmond Dentist believes that all creatures with teeth need to have them looked after, even Dog’s, who have an amazing way of regulating their own oral health.