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Edmond Dentist: How to get the most out of your benefits.

As the end of the year draws to a close and your calendar fills up with obligations getting to the dentist may be the last thing on your to-do list. However, your Edmond Dentist wants to reinforce how important it can be to get in before the end of the year. If you have dental insurance chances are you aren’t taking full advantage of everything you’ve paid for.

What happens to your benefits at the end of the year?

You can save hundreds of dollars by using your dental benefits before the year ends. There are dental insurance programs run on a fiscal year(usually October to October), however, most of the dental insurance programs run on a calendar year, ending on December 31st each year. If you haven’t used your dental insurance plans then it’s sitting there with unclaimed benefits and will go to waste at year’s end.Dental insurance companies count on customers not claiming their maximum amount of benefits and in turn, they make millions of dollars off of patients.

Have you considered splitting up your big visits?

If you’ve used some of your benefits and know that you have a large procedure you need to get done, don’t hold off. Some procedures can be split into multiple visits, allowing you to schedule part of your visit before the end of the year and the final part in January the following year. This will allow you to use all the benefits you’ve paid for this year and maximize your use of benefits the following year. Not all procedures can be split up this way so make sure to ask your Edmond Dentist about how you can get the most out of your dental insurance.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to use your benefits. Call us today and schedule a meeting at 405-340-0411.

Are your dentures on the loose?

This is an important topic for me because I feel very passionately about what some generations have endured with dental appliances that are not up to current standards. When I see a patient wearing dentures that are loose, ill fitting, and uncomfortable I am continually baffled by what we will internally rationalize to make something "work". So many patients have the mindset that dentures are not supposed to act and feel like real teeth, and I am not going to blow smoke - nothing will act and feel like your natural teeth, however, dentures can in fact be comfortable, attractive, and most importantly work for your needs. Dentures are not meant to last forever. Whether you have natural teeth or not our mouths are constantly changing. It is a lifelong process. Are your dentures on the loose? It may be time to look into some new options to help you feel better about eating, speaking and functioning on a daily basis.

Believe it or not, 27.27% of seniors over age 65 have no remaining teeth. There are so many people in our community that live day in and day out without the ability to properly chew food, or speak with confidence. The bone in the body acts like muscle. When muscles are exercised, they grow strong. When bone is stimulated, it also becomes stronger. Bone of the jaw can only be stimulated by a tooth or by an implant. The connections between a tooth, or an implant preserve the size and shape of the bone. Bone needs the stimulation of the tooth roots to maintain its form, density, and strength. Studies have proven that the normal chewing forces that are transmitted from the teeth to the bone of the jaw are what preserves the bone and keeps it strong.

With the technology as advanced as it is today, new options for denture replacement can range anywhere from single tooth replacement to full arch restoration; standard removable dentures to implant retained hybrids. My office offers every option and I love nothing more than being able to change patients well being by restoring their smile.