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Edmond Dentist Explains How A “Sick Tooth” Causes Sinus Pain

Edmond Dentist Discusses Sinus Infections Caused By Teeth

Many people are aware that when they get a sinus infection it can cause their gums or teeth to hurt. In fact, patients often complain to our Edmond dentist of tooth pain due to severe sinus pressure, especially during the springtime as they often mistake this pressure for seasonal allergies. Now, what about sinus infections being caused by tooth pain? Do you think that a "sick tooth" can cause sinus infections?

Well, it's right in the title of our Edmond dentist's blog post so you're probably thinking that's a silly question.

Here's a true story about one dental patient's experience (we'll call her Jane for the sake of privacy):

Jane had a long series of sinus infections, one after another, and each one was continuously getting worse. Finally, after trying many medications and treatments at home, she decided to have her teeth x-rayed at the dentist. The results indicated that she had an abscessed tooth which had invaded her maxillary sinus area. For reference, the two maxillary sinuses are located below the cheeks, above the teeth, and on the sides of the nose.

For Jane, the pain above the abscessed tooth was very noticeable. What's important to note is that others with this type of problem may have a more difficult time detecting the origin of pain as their "sick tooth" may never actually hurt. Not every patient notices the pain coming from the area of the tooth or gums, but after the dentist has takes a closer inspection of their x-rays they may then come to realize that it is the source of their pain.

Research tells our Edmond dentist that about 20% of all maxillary sinus infections are caused by tooth infections, rather than another cause. If you suspect that your sinus infections are being caused by a tooth, please feel free to make an appointment to see our Edmond dentist for confirmation.

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