Edmond Dentist: Denture Relines

Edmond Dentist and what you should know about Denture Relines

When you have your dentures first fitted and made they will typically fit your mouth securely since they’ve been molded to your mouth. However, as time goes on that shape of your mouth and gum tissue can change. When this happens you dentures will become loose fitting in your mouth and will move around. Coming into your Edmond Dentist to have your dentures relined will help your dentures stay in place and feel comfortable.

Having your Edmond Dentist do a Soft Reline


With some patients who are unable to wear ordinary dentures due to their having tender gums or sore spots. The Edmond Dentist can recommend relining the denture with a softer material that takes up to one or two years before it will need to be replaced. This softer material is less likely to cause irritation or sore spots in the patient’s mouth. If this issue persists patients may want to consider having implants put in so that they can have their dentures retained by the implants.

Considering Temporary Relines

If it’s been quite a while since a patient had their dentures serviced or looked at then they may be experiencing swollen, red, or misshapen gums. This can cause problems when a dentist goes to take an impression to fit new dentures, either for a soft or hard reline. Relining dentures this way would only continue the problem so in these cases your Edmond dentist might recommend doing a temporary, or palliative(material that is medicated) reline material in order to reduce the inflammation and soreness that a patient might have. Once the gums have returned to normal your Edmond Dentist can take a more accurate impression.


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Give The Gift Of Dentures Retained By Implants

See the difference of dentures retained by implants

Thanksgiving just ended and a lot of loved ones enjoyed spending time with each other. In addition, a lot of people had a great time indulging in tasty, culinary delights of the season, but what you may not realize is that some of the elderly crowd may not have had as much fun trying to eat for fear of their dentures falling out. If you have ever had to cut up the meat for your elderly mom or dad, then you know the struggle they deal with on a regular basis.

Have they tried many types of denture adhesives, but they just don’t do the trick? The real issue is that over time, shrinkage in the bone structure in the mouth causes standard dentures to gradually become loose and the glue doesn’t always offer relief. Grandchildren might be stuck with a mental image of grandma pushing her “teeth” out while attempting to remove stuck-on food. It’s an uncomfortable, embarrassing situation for grandma who has to take her teeth out and for guests who have to witness the experience.

There is a better solution; Dentures retained by implants!

Unlike regular dentures that slip out involuntarily, dentures retained by implants give the wearer the ability to choose removal or not! They don’t have to be placed in a glass on the night stand to get clean as they are easily removed for just for cleaning. Easy removal doesn’t mean that they aren’t strongly bonded, however; because the dentures are supported by implants placed in the jaw. The dentures sort of “snap” into place using the anchors for support and they stay put. A person wearing dentures retained by implants can actually talk and eat without their teeth moving!

Would your parents like to avoid repeating the embarrassing teeth-removing process at Christmas dinner? With Christmas right around the corner, a great gift to give your elderly loved ones would be the gift of new teeth and with that you’ll be giving them a reason to smile and so much more.

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