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Northern Hills Elementary STEM And Teacher Appreciation Assembly

Wallace Family Dentistry Gives Back Via STEM

Wallace Family Dentistry loves helping out in the community, especially with educational programs. That’s why when an opportunity presented itself to do so, Dr. Mike Wallace could hardly wait to give recognition to a wonderful teacher and give the students at a local school something both educational and fun.

To make this happen, Dr. Mike connected with Mad Science to organize a highly entertaining STEM assembly on the afternoon of March 3rd, 2017 at 2pm for students at Northern Hills Elementary School in Edmond, OK. The STEM assembly was conducted by a Mad Science representative by the name of “Professor Elemental”.

The theme of the STEM assembly focused on “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” principles, but with thrilling science experiments and verbiage that the children could easily grasp. The idea behind the assembly was for students to imagine themselves making their own goals and dreams come true one day. The students were also encouraged to find science interesting, see it as adventurous, and even be intrigued enough to want to pursue STEM related careers when they grow up.

Professor Elemental made the show very special by calling upon random volunteer students from each grade level to the stage to help with various experiments.

The twist came at the end of the show when one teacher, Kim Maker (a Resource Teacher for 3rd grade), was called upon the stage to help with the final experiment.

Kim had no idea that before the STEM assembly had even been scheduled the administrative staff had worked with Dr. Mike and chosen her to participate in the final experiment. The surprise came at the end of the final experiment when Dr. Mike, on behalf of Wallace Family Dentistry, presented a $50 gift card to Amazon and a Certificate Of Appreciation to Kim Maker for all of her hard work.


Finally, to give everyone the opportunity to practice their very own science experiments, as a parting gift, Dr. Mike gave the school a big book of science experiments to keep in the school library.

Everyone seemed to have a great time, including Dr. Mike!

Edmond Dentist-Crowns

See The Dentist, Get Crowns In One Visit!

CEREC: A Single Trip To The Dentist

Have you ever needed a crown? Do you remember the entire lengthy process the last time you visited a dentist? A while ago the procedure would have went something like this:

The old ways of the first dentist appointment for a crown:

  • The dentist would start by preparing the tooth or shaping it to be ready to take the crown.
  • You would have to have a mouth full of goo so that the dentist could take the impression(s).
  • A temporary crown would be put on.
  • The dental impressions would be shipped off to the laboratory for the crown to be fabricated.

By the time of completion and scheduling the next appointment, two or more weeks usually passed. That was how things used to be just a handful of years ago. Luckily, the world of dentistry was changed quite a bit when CEREC was introduced a few years ago. This tooth restoration system allows our dentist to provide you with crowns in one visit!

How does this work so efficiently? Let us explain the magic of this machine. Instead of using the horrible impression gel that makes you gag, we approach the process in an entirely different and modern way.

Here’s how your visit may look now:

  • The dentist shapes your tooth to prepare it to take the crown (ok, so this step is the same as the old days).
  • Here’s the cool part! Next, your tooth gets scanned so that your crown can be made on site!
  • The scan is uploaded into the computer which allows us to digitally shape, size and contour the crown for the best fit.

The benefit to the patient is that, in most cases, no temporary crowns have to be made and within a few short hours they can walk out of the dentist’s office with a completely customized crown.

We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concern about any of our dentistry procedures. Visit us in Edmond, contact us @ 405-340-0411, or enter your comments online, right here.